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Round Valley Joint Elementary School District

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    Welcome To RVJESD

    Round Valley School believes in providing a caring, safe and supportive learning environment where all students will be encouraged to achieve their full academic, social and physical potential.

    To accomplish this vision we will strive to provide meaningful educational experiences that keep pace with our rapidly changing society. While teaching a balanced curriculum, the uniqueness of each student will be embraced. We will model and expect ethical behavior and create an atmosphere of tolerance.

    Our success depends upon the partnership between the school community, family and child. Together it is our responsibility to support and develop the skills and qualities that lead to a confident caring life-long learner.

    Monday Messenger 11/26/18
    Monday Messenger 10.22.18
    2018-2019 School Calendar
    2018-2019 School Calendar
    Revised Bus Schedule 2018-2019, Effective 9-24-18
    Bus Schedule 2018-2019, Revised 9-24-18

    December Lunch Menu

    School District of Choice Information
    School District of Choice Information
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