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Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Dear Parents and Students,

WELCOME!  Welcome back to school and to this exciting year in Third Grade!  I am looking forward to becoming acquainted with each of you and your child! 

To assist your child in starting the year off positively, please take a moment to read the attached supply list.  If there are any concerns with getting any supplies please feel free to contact me. 

Clear communication is essential in our mutual support of your child's learning and growth.  I encourage you to contact me with questions or to share insight regarding your child.  Your thoughts, concerns and suggestions are valued and appreciated throughout the learning process!

Students will inquire, reflect and develop qualities useful for success in school and in life.   Respect, responsibility, organization, time management, and goal setting are consistent elements within in our classroom.  Critical thinking, clear communication and collaboration are also central to our learning experiences.   Constructing understanding is a progressive continuum.  Students are encouraged to share ideas, examine problems, pose solutions and communicate their thinking in many ways.   Welcome to this school year and to our opportunity to inquire, learn and grow together as  learners!

Cordially Yours,

Ms. Anna Taplin


Character Counts is Important in 3rd Grade!